The film documentary „KristallVisionen“ (Crystal Visions) presents gems and crystals from different perspectives and intends to contribute to a better understanding of this fascinating topic with a variaty of information by experts from different areas

After an introduction to the history of gemstones as healing stones and their significance in the various epochs of human history, the story goes on about where and how these insights come from. It also addresses the spiritual attitude towards tradition and philosophy in working with gemstones as well as the emerging concepts und understandings of energy structures, subtle energies and awareness. It is shown how and in what areas people work with gems and explained what influence they have on humans and society. In that context the special significance of quartz crystals is discussed as a carrier and transmitter of information. The possibility to program crystals as well as their ability to go in contact with the human potential are also explored.

Length: 90 min. • Languages: German, English • Format: 16:9, PAL, DVD-9, Stereo • Genre: Documentary
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